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10 Things to Know About Buying and Selling Property in Pakistan

Rising Demand for Pakistan Real Estate Pakistan is a country with a lot of potential for investing. It is one of the most popular countries, with many natural resources. The population is overgrowing, and so are the real estate prices in Pakistan. Investments through buying and selling property in Pakistan have increased immensely over the past few years, especially in the cities like Karachi and...

Real Estate Challenges in Pakistan 2021-22

Today’s Real Estate Challenges in Pakistan 2021-22 [And How to Overcome Them]

A look at Pakistan Real Estate The real estate market in Pakistan is facing a lot of challenges. The primary reason for these challenges is the lack of accurate and timely information. The government and other experts have predicted that the real estate challenges in Pakistan 2021-22 will be challenging for relators. With an increasing population, a highly competitive market, and a few major...

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Banks in Pakistan that Can Finance Your Dream Home

Who does not dream of having a luxurious life in their own home? We can understand that living in rented houses can be quite frustrating at some point. Every month, the tenants must struggle with the unspoken strain of having to pay a huge sum to the owner. The exorbitant utility bills also add to the stress.  Having your own house in today’s era can be the ultimate dream of everyone, but at...

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Pakistani Real Estate Terminologies Everyone Should Know

Officials and documents: It is crucial to know about the officials and the documentation related to the sale and purchase of any property. 1- Aks Shajra:  A patwari specifically drafts a map on a drawing paper like a copy of a Shajra. It is named Aks Shajra. The Aks Shajra provides information about the farmland and the land in the owner's possession.  2- Fard: Fard is a document...

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