Pakistani Real Estate Terminologies Everyone Should Know

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Officials and documents:

It is crucial to know about the officials and the documentation related to the sale and purchase of any property.

1- Aks Shajra: 

A patwari specifically drafts a map on a drawing paper like a copy of a Shajra. It is named Aks Shajra. The Aks Shajra provides information about the farmland and the land in the owner’s possession. 

2- Fard:

Fard is a document that displays evidence of ownership. It’s used to register the property. It carries details about the area, location, and the conditions established to maintain a record.

3- Gardavar or Gardori:

A Gardavar or Gardori is someone whose job is to examine the land records.

4- Gardavri:

A Gardavri is a certificate issued by a Gardori to maintain the leasing rights to a person with the landowner’s permission.

5- Patwari:

Patwari is the lowest level official of the revenue department who keeps records of the area. The latest development in the Patwari’s role is through the order of the Supreme Court. Their role is now limited in the case of trading of the land. Furthermore, the Punjab government has started computerizing the land records to curb corruption and improve the overall quality of service.

6- Registry:

The registry is a document displaying proof of ownership of a property. The revenue department issues it.


The Patwari issues a comprehensive map of the property that includes details like Khasra number, the measurement, the location, and the surrounding areas. This map is called a Shajra.


The Pakistani real estate market uses precise technical terms for property transactions. Knowing such real estate terminologies can clear out any confusion you might be having.

Giving keys over

1- Inteqal

Inteqal refers to the transfer of property from the seller to the buyer.

2- Jamabandi

Generally, every four years, the land records are updated. This process is known as Jamabandi. A Jamabandi form contains all the necessary information about the ownership, the property location, the land, and its further division if any.

3- Partal

Partal is a case where the property transfer takes place through a Patwari, and the land records are updated. The Patwaar khana or the revenue department maintains the transfer records.


Some key terms used to describe the property size are listed as follows:

1- Acre

An acre of any land refers to an area of 43,560 square feet (sq. ft.) of that land. It is also equivalent to 8 kanals. 

2- Bigha

Bigha is the measurement of land half as big as an acre and four times the size of a kanal i.e. 4 kanals.

3- Kanal

A kanal is equal to approximately 4500 sq. ft. of land. A kanal comprises around 20 marlas.

4- Marla

Marla is a measurement of land that varies differently in different parts of Pakistan. The measuring standard depends on the rules set in that particular area. It lies in the range of 225 sq. ft. to 272 sq. ft. of land.

5- Moza

Moza is an area of land used by the work or office of a revenue collector.

6- Sarsahi

Sarsahi is the smallest unit to measure the land. It is equivalent to 25 sq. ft. One Marla equals nine Sarsahis.

7- Unique numbers

Khewat number:

Khewat number is a unique number given to a piece of land under the collective ownership of a group of people. 


This is a subdivision of khewat number, a unique number given to the group of people who hold agricultural activity on the land, Khatuni. The Khatuni contains all information regarding the possession, size, and other details about the land.


The last subdivision or level of these unique account numbers is a Khasra. The Khasra number is allotted to any piece of land that can be up to 8 kanals or an acre.

Pakistan follows a very traditional approach in the real estate business, but now, the computerization of the processes and records is the priority of the government. This step would streamline the procedures and will ease the maintenance and update of land records. 

Knowledge of the listed above terms commonly used in the Pakistani real estate market would benefit you when you deal with property matters in Pakistan.

If you want to know about any other term or process, you can comment and we will add more information to the list.

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